How Can I Comment as My Business Page?

Go to the post on the Page that you’d want to like or comment on. In the bottom-right corner of the post, tap your profile image. Choose the Page you’d like to like or comment on. Like or leave a comment on the article.

Similarly, Why can’t I comment as my business page on Facebook?

If you have the moderator position on a Facebook Page but can’t comment on posts, it might be due to a configuration in Business Manager. Pages and Notifications is a feature that prevents you from commenting on the company Page using your personal Facebook profile.

Also, it is asked, Can I comment on a post as my business page?

If you manage a Facebook company or community page, you may remark as a page on a Facebook post, even if the post is on a separate Facebook page. This may help you raise awareness, provide free promotion, and establish relationships with consumers or future community members.

Secondly, How do I change who I am commenting as on Facebook app?

Click on your profile symbol with a small dropdown arrow next to the remark section in the bottom right corner, as seen below. Write your remark under the name of the profile you wish to comment on.

Also, Can I comment on a page as my page?

Simply select the page you want to like or comment on from the drop-down menu next to your profile photo. When responding to other page postings, choose your page. As a result, you’ll be able to like and comment on the post as if it were your own. When like and commenting on your page, confirm that your profile image has changed.

People also ask, How do I post as my business page on Facebook 2020?

How to Make a Business Facebook Page The first step is to register. Go to to get started. Include images. Connect your company with WhatsApp (optional) Step 4: Make a username for yourself. Step 5: Fill up your company information. Make your first blog entry. Organize a gathering.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I post as my business page on Facebook 2021?

To log in as your Page, go to the top of Facebook and click the gear symbol, then pick the Page you’d want to log in as. After you’ve made this transition, you’ll be able to post as the Page you’ve chosen.

How do you switch between your personal and admin page on mobile?

If you’re on a mobile device and want to switch to your personal account, just click the bubble symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The identical button may be located at the top of your page on the right-hand side on your desktop.

How do I post as admin on Facebook page?

Log in to your Facebook account by going to In the left sidebar, behind your major profile block, you can see the groups to which you belong. In the “Share” box, choose the sort of post you want to make. Enter your preferred article, paste your link, click “Browse” to submit your picture or video, or type your inquiry.

How do I post from my business page to a different group on Facebook?

to distribute to a group: Choose the option to Share. Choose Share to a Group from the drop-down menu. When it says “Say anything about this.” you may write a description or caption for the content you’re sharing. then type the name of the group you want to share with into the search field. Choose the option to Share. That’s all there is to it; you’re done!

How do I comment as a personal page on Facebook?

Navigate to the page you want to edit. Click “Edit Page” under the “Manage” icon in the top right corner: On the left hand navigation, choose “Your Settings” from the drop-down menu: Uncheck the option in the upper right corner that states “Always comment and post on your page as PAGE NAME, even if you’re using Facebook as PROFILE NAME.”

How do I post in a group as a page?

Choose your Group from the options shown by Facebook, or click “LinkYourGroup” if your Group isn’t listed. Your Page is now connected to your Group. When you write in the Group, you may now do it as your Page instead of your personal Profile. To pick your posting identity, go to the drop down menu in the upper right corner.

Can I separate my business page from my personal account on Facebook?

The good news is that keeping your personal profile and company page separate requires no more effort. By default, Facebook recognizes them as independent entities. The fact that you established a company page does not imply that the two accounts are connected on the social networking site.

What is the difference between a Facebook business page and a business account?

If you don’t want to create a personal profile on Facebook, you may create a business account, which is meant for individuals who wish to manage adverts and pages without creating a personal profile. Personal profiles have restricted access to business profiles and are unable to connect with them without utilizing a page.

Why can’t I share a post from my Facebook business page?

Make sure Share On A Page You Manage is selected from the first pull-down choice. If it doesn’t, pick this option by clicking on the arrow. Next, ensure sure your Page is shown in the second pull-down choice just below (especially if you manage more than one). If it doesn’t, use the pull-down arrow to choose the appropriate page.

How do I post on behalf of a Facebook group?

Select your group by tapping in the upper right corner of Facebook, then tapping Groups. After that, touch Manage, then Group Settings. Tap Post permission, then On, under Manage Discussion.

What’s the difference between admin and editor on Facebook?

Except for establishing and assigning Page roles, a Facebook page Editor has all of the privileges of an admin. They have access to the Page’s Instagram profiles, as well as the ability to publish to the Page, reply to messages, create advertising, and monitor Facebook Insights.

How do you join a Facebook group as a page if you are already a member?

When you’ve found the group you’d want to join, click the + Join Group button next to the group’s name. Then, after selecting whether you want to join the Group as a personal profile or as a Page, click Join Group. That’s all there is to it!

How much do Facebook admins get paid?

How Much Do Facebook Admin Jobs Pay Per Month From Home? Top EarnersAnnual SalaryMonthly PayAnnual SalaryAnnual SalaryAnnual SalaryAnnual Salary $75,000$6,250$8,33375th Percentile$100,000$8,33375th Percentile$100,000$8,33375th Percentile 125th Percentile$33,500$2,791$58,939$4,911$58,939$4,911$58,939$4,911$58,939$4,911$

Can my friends see my business page on Facebook?

People do not need your permission to visit your business page; anybody may see it. Fans are people who like your page and will see your company postings in their NewsFeed. Reach refers to the quantity of people who view your content.

How do I know if my Facebook page is business or personal?

0:392:13 I’m now signed into my personal account. The difficulty is that you can’t log in to aMore directly. I’m now signed into my personal account. The difficulty is that you can’t log in to a company directly. To view that business page, you must check in with a personal account that has access to it.

Can I have 2 Facebook accounts?

Maintaining multiple personal accounts is against the Facebook Community Standards. You may use your personal account to establish and administer a Page to represent your company, organization, brand, or product on Facebook.

Can a page be an admin on Facebook group?

If the group enables Pages to join, a Page may be an admin or a member of the group. Only Page administrators with Facebook access to a Page, whether as a group admin or a group member, may function as the Page in a group.

What is the difference between group and page on Facebook?

Facebook Pages are a sort of business profile for corporations, organizations, and public personalities on Facebook. Their goal is to establish a connection with their target audience/community. Facebook Groups are designed to bring people together around a shared interest. Their goal is to provide a platform for individuals to engage with one another.

What can a Facebook page admin do?

A Facebook Admin may manage page responsibilities and settings, modify the page and add applications, publish and delete posts, send messages to followers, react to and delete comments, remove and ban individuals from your Page, and much more.

What is an editor on a Facebook business page?

Editor. Except for managing Page roles and settings, the editor role may do anything.

How many editors can a Facebook page have?

You may give the six jobs to an infinite number of users on Facebook. The only stipulation is that everyone has their own Facebook account. Complete the following steps to assign a role: Click Settings in the upper right corner of your Facebook Page.

Can I join a Facebook group as both myself and my business page?

They can only join if they make a request. You may alter who you interact as if you’ve already joined a group as a profile and wish to join as a Page.

Your page(s) may be seen in the bottom-left corner of your group cover picture by your group members, visitors, and you. They may go to your page by clicking on the name(s) (s). When you connect your group to your page, your group members will be notified by a post in your group.

How can I get $500 a day on Facebook?

1 Ads in the middle of the video In-Stream Ads are a quick method to generate money by posting videos to your Facebook profile. If you meet all of the monetization requirements for In-stream advertisements, you may make up to $500 each day on Facebook. 1. Your videos must be at least one minute length to be eligible for in-stream advertisements.

How many followers do you need to monetize on Facebook?

Meet Facebook’s Policies on Partner Monetization and Branded Content. Have a minimum of 1,000 followers. In the previous 60 days, you’ve had at least one of the following: 15,000 interactions on social media, 180,000 minutes watched, or 30,000 one-minute views of three-minute films


Facebook has a policy of not allowing businesses to comment on their page. It’s not clear why this is the case, but it is likely due to Facebook’s terms of service.

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