Business Strategy Game How to Win?

Similarly, How does the business strategy game work?

The Business Strategy Game is an online exercise in which students are separated into teams and given the responsibility of operating an athletic footwear firm in a head-to-head battle with other students’ enterprises. The company’s activities are similar to those of real sports shoe firms.

Also, it is asked, How do I raise my Roe BSG?

Pursuing initiatives that will increase net profits is one strategy to enhance ROE (the numerator in the formula for calculating ROE). Repurchasing stock is a second way to enhance ROE by lowering shareholders’ equity interest in the firm (the denominator in the ROE calculation).

Secondly, How does private label work in BSG?

Bids with a Private Label Don’t underprice your shoes to the point that you won’t earn any money from them. However, do not overprice your shoes so that your rivals may sell their shoes first since they are cheaper.

Also, What is S Q rating in BSG?

Athletic Footwear Style and Quality Ratings consumer organization, offers a style-quality or S/Q rating of 0 to 10 stars to each company’s branded footwear products, based on the styling and quality of all rivals’ footwear.

People also ask, What is business strategy simulation game?

Company simulation games enable you practice various areas of business management in a fully virtual, risk-free setting. These simulation games may aid in the development of both hard and soft business management abilities.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you do the 3 year strategic plan BSG?

Creating a 3-year strategic plan include stating your company’s strategic vision. Setting EPS, ROE, credit rating, image rating, and stock price appreciation goals for each of the following three years. Specifying the competitive strategy that your organization will undertake.

What is the best-cost strategy?

A best-cost strategy, also known as an integrated low-cost differentiation strategy, is a strategy for creating high-quality goods at low costs. It emphasizes on providing clients with things that meet their needs while remaining within their budget.

Are dividends profitable?

A dividend is a portion of a company’s earnings that it distributes to its shareholders. After paying its creditors, a firm might utilize some or all of its remaining revenues to distribute dividends to its shareholders.

How is stock price calculated?

Take the most recent updated value of the firm share and multiply it by the number of outstanding shares to get the value of the shares for traders. The price to earnings ratio is another way to figure out how much a stock is worth.

How is stock price determined BSG?

Revenue growth, earnings per share growth, ROE, credit rating, dividend per share growth, and management’s ability to consistently deliver good results as measured by the percentage of the 5 performance targets that your company achieves over the course of the BSG exercise are all factors that affect your company’s stock price.

What are the four strategies you could use during BSG competition?

Low-cost leadership, differentiation, best-cost provider, focused low-cost, and targeted differentiation are all feasible strategies for improving firm performance and gaining a competitive edge in the branded footwear industry.

What is a private label brand strategy?

Several crucial factors make up a successful private brand strategy (PBS): Mission/Purpose – The plan must state the entire program’s strategic intent. The first purpose of private label was to give lower-cost alternatives that were of comparable quality to major brands.

What affects credit rating in BSG?

The two most essential factors in calculating a company’s credit rating are the interest coverage ratio and the default risk ratio.

How can I get Globus bonus points?

When a company’s real total sales are within 5% of predicted total revenues, (2) its actual EPS is within 10% or 5% of projected EPS, and (3) its actual image rating is within 4 points of the projected image rating in a given year, one extra point is added to its game-to-date score.

What is image rating BSG?

Each company’s image rating is determined by (1) its branded Styling/Quality (S/Q) ratings in each geographic area, (2) market shares for both branded and private-label footwear in each of the four geographic regions, and (3) corporate citizenship and socially responsible business practices.

How can I increase my image rating in Globus?

It has also been discovered that by adding the S/Q upgrade, you may increase your S/Q by 1 and your picture rating will increase again. Maintain your attention on raising your company’s image rating over 70, and you will undoubtedly remain ahead.

How can a company increase market share?

How can businesses expand their market share? Offering breakthrough technologies to clients, building customer loyalty, attracting brilliant workers, and acquiring rivals are all ways for a firm to grow its market share.

How do you make a business simulator?

The Key to Successful Business Simulation Development #1: Concentrate on the learning goals. #2: Choose strong personalities. #3: Make it participatory. #4: Make them anxious. #5: Use social interactions to your advantage. #6: Develop a sound evaluation approach.

How many years should a strategic plan cover?

A strategic plan, as previously said, is a document that describes a long-term strategy. It usually spans a 10- to 15-year planning period and presents a high-level strategy for achieving a complete set of objectives by the end of that time.

What is a strategic vision statement?

The mission statement is supported by a strategic vision statement, which is more concrete. It represents an organization’s possible future state—exact timescales vary, but often span from three to ten years. This statement should assist you and your staff in visualizing the organization’s future direction.

When a low cost strategy works best?

When a Low-Cost Provider Strategy Is the Most Effective. When price rivalry among competing vendors is exceptionally fierce, a competitive strategy based on low-cost leadership is highly effective. Low-cost suppliers have the greatest chance of competing aggressively on price and surviving price wars.

Is Netflix a best-cost strategy?

Netflix’s Competitive Strategy in General This general approach allows the online entertainment company’s business model to stay competitive by focusing on low costs and the capacity to offer at cheap prices, without having to be the lowest-cost supplier.

Is it better to take dividends or salary?

Dividend-paying oneself To pay dividends, unlike paying salary, the company must make a profit (after taxes). Because investment income is not subject to national insurance, it is frequently a more tax-efficient method to take money from your firm than collecting a salary.

Can you live off of dividends?

Shareholders have no say over when or how much they will receive in dividends. So, although you may live off your investment returns, it may not be the best retirement approach.

Are dividends better than capital gains?

Dividends have a lower tax burden than capital gains since they are generally modest in income. This indicates that dividends are a better tax choice in the long term. Taxes on capital gains vary depending on whether the investment is short- or long-term.

How do you know when to sell a stock?

Some of the reasons why investors could sell a stock are listed below. Horizontal Time. Before acquiring stocks or any other sort of investment, an investor must define their time horizon. Tolerance for risk. Purchase and hold. Changing a Portfolio Making Capital Available. Fundamentals have changed. Cost of Opportunity Merger or change of ownership.

Is high PE ratio good?

In general, a high P/E indicates that investors anticipate stronger future profits growth than firms with a lower P/E. A low P/E ratio might imply that a firm is presently cheap or that it is doing extremely well in comparison to its historical patterns.

Which of the following are the five measures on which a company’s performance is judged scored?

the quantity of incentive payments each non-defective pair, base pay increases, how well a company’s compensation plan compares to the industry norm, and spending on best practices training


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