Business Portfolio Analysis Is Defined as the Process in Which Management ________?

Similarly, What is a business portfolio analysis?

A business portfolio analysis is the process of examining a company’s goods and services and classifying them according to how well they function and how competitive they are.

Also, it is asked, Which of the following provides a measure of market attractiveness in the Boston Consulting Group approach?

In the Boston Consulting Group methodology, which of the following factors offers a measure of market attractiveness? Explanation: The pace at which a market’s size grows is known as the market growth rate. This is usually expressed as a percentage for each year.

Secondly, What is a portfolio analysis quizlet?

Analyze your portfolio. While holding different mixes of individual securities and assets, it analyzes the evaluation of future risk and return.

Also, What is the process that turns marketing plans into marketing actions to accomplish?

Q.What is the name of the process that converts marketing strategy and plans into marketing activities in order to achieve strategic marketing objectives? B.Marketing management. C.Analysis of marketing. D.Application of marketing Answer» c. Implementation of marketing 1 more row to go

People also ask, What is in a business portfolio?

A business portfolio is a collection of goods, services, and business units that make up a firm and enable it to achieve its strategic objectives. This portfolio may alternatively be described as the company’s accessible assets for advancing its goal and achieving its vision.

Related Questions and Answers

Is the process of evaluating the attractiveness of different market segments and selecting one or more segments to enter?

Targeting is the process of assessing the desirability of each market sector and picking one or more categories to penetrate.

Which best describes the value chain of a company?

A value chain is a business model that outlines the whole process of creating a product or service.

Which of the following is the first step of business portfolio planning?

comprises two steps: first, the firm must assess its present business portfolio to identify which companies should get more, less, or no funding; second, the company must design its future portfolio by formulating growth and downsizing plans.

Which type of analysis is used to assess a firm’s portfolio of SBUs?

Managers use business portfolio analysis to quantify performance measurements and growth objectives in order to examine their companies’ strategic business units (SBUs) as if they were a collection of distinct investments.

When cost analysis is applied to a supplier’s price the buyer?

When a buyer does cost analysis to examine a supplier’s pricing, he or she: identifies and analyzes each cost factor for cost-cutting potential. Demand management and supplier cost structure research are examples of service cost management.

Which of the following is the process that turns strategies and plans into actions in order to accomplish strategic objectives and goals?

The process of turning strategies and plans into actions in order to achieve strategic objectives and goals is known as implementation. The implementation of your strategic plan is as as critical as, if not more crucial than, the strategy itself.

What is part of the marketing planning process?

a methodical approach to achieving marketing objectives Situation analysis, goal setting, strategy formulation, action program creation, execution, and control, review, and evaluation are all steps in the process.

Is the final step in the marketing research process?

The last phase in the market research process is to present and draw conclusions from your survey study results. While Step 3 is the most crucial since it determines the survey’s conclusion, if you don’t finish it and act on the results in any manner, the previous stages are meaningless.

What is the process of portfolio assessment?

A portfolio is a kind of evaluation that tracks the progress and development of a student’s learning. Because it is a collection of students’ work, unlike other assessments, a portfolio assessment may incorporate many different types of evaluations. A portfolio evaluation is often followed by an oral evaluation.

What is the use of process portfolio?

The process portfolio shifts the emphasis away from particular material and summative examinations and toward the development and transfer of important abilities over time, allowing students to concentrate on the topic that interests them the most.

What is business portfolio balancing in strategic management?

Portfolio balancing is the act of grouping priority components into a component mix that is most aligned with and supports the organization’s strategic goal when executed.

What is the process of evaluating each market segment?

“Dividing a market into smaller categories of customers with various demands, attributes, or behaviors that may necessitate alternative marketing tactics or mixtures,” according to market segmentation. “Evaluating the desirability of each market segment and picking one or more segments to penetrate” is how targeting is described.

How should we assess the attractiveness of the different market segments?

You may assess a segment’s market potential by considering the number of prospective consumers, their income, and the amount of individuals in the category that need the product you provide.

What is value chain in supply chain management?

An Overview of the Supply Chain The word “value chain” refers to the process through which firms obtain raw materials, add value to them via production, manufacturing, and other operations, and then sell the final product to customers.

What are the two steps in business portfolio planning?

Step 1: Evaluate the current state of affairs. Step 2: Determine your investment objectives. Step 3: Decide on an asset allocation strategy. Step 4: Decide on an investment strategy. Step 5: Assess and rebalance the situation.

Which is the first step in the marketing process?

The marketing process is divided into four parts. The first step is to define the brand. The first step in the marketing process is to determine your company’s identity. The second step is to create a customer profile. Step three is to devise a plan. Step 4: Evaluate and tweak your plan.

When a company starts the strategic planning process at the corporate level it begins by?

The firm begins the process of strategic planning by establishing its ultimate purpose and objective.

What is portfolio analysis and how does it differentiate business under large corporation?

A collection of tools known as corporate portfolio analysis assists strategists in making strategic decisions about specific products or businesses in a company’s portfolio. Sales, market share, cost of production, and prospective market strength are all examined for each section of a company’s product range.

How do we define portfolio analysis in marketing group of answer choices?

In marketing, how do we defineportfolio analysis“? The procedure through which management assesses the company’s goods and businesses.

What is cost based management?

Cost management is a kind of management accounting that helps a company to forecast upcoming expenses in order to avoid going over budget. Many companies use cost-cutting strategies for individual projects as well as their overall business strategy.

When can a sourcing offshore a buyer?

A buyer must have significant information and analysis of the nation while sourcing overseas. The capacity of a supplier to compete is determined by the country’s overall competitiveness. A global sourcing strategy requires a higher degree of nation knowledge and research than a local supplier.

What is a life cycle cost quizlet?

The total cost of an item or system across its entire life cycle is known as life cycle costing.


Business Portfolio Analysis is defined as the process in which management analyzes and evaluates a company’s business portfolio. The definition includes the evaluation of assets, liabilities, opportunities, and threats.

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